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Have you often wondered how to bathe your feline friend? Or perhaps you’ve thought to yourself how do I trim my cat's nails? Allow us to come to your rescue! Our range of cat grooming products will have you well on your way to having the neatest kitty on the block. Making sure your kitty has all their grooming needs met isn’t easy, and we are here to make it that much easier. Our super-sized range features extra safe Lockable Easy Clippers, the awesome Soft and Gentle Grooming Bag, and so much more!
Discover a world of at home grooming, where your beloved friend feels the most comfortable!

Soft & Gentle Cat Grooming Bag


Safe Kitty Nail Caps - 100 Pack + 5 Glue


Super Bright Nail Caps - GLOW IN THE DARK


Easy Pet Nail Clippers


Portable Cat Nail Clippers


Back Massaging Fur Remover


The Pet Grooming Furminator


Pristine Paws Pet Foot Washer (EXPRESS SHIPPING!)


Beauty Brush Mini Deshedder


Intelligent Chargeable Easy-Massager


Quality Wireless Pet Clippers


Cat Massaging Groomer (ATTACH TO THE WALL!)