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Nothing is more important than your dog’s safety. Therefore, always shop for dog collar tags as soon as you can. If you don’t want to use the same old collar tags for your dog, we have many creative and attractive dog collar options for you. You can also buy car seat belts for pooches, flower collar belts, custom ID waterproof leather collars, etc.

If you own a big dog, then you might be looking fora dog harness and leash too. Farm city pets have cowboy harness and leash, breathable harness, and a handful of more choices in dog harnesses available so that you can pick according to your need and budget.

Adjustable Classic Neckerchief Collar


Auto Extending Running Lead


Blingy Bow Harness


Camouflage Bright Collar


Colorful Car Seat Belt for Pooches


Cowboy Harness & Leash Set


Custom Engraved Stainless Steel ID Tag


Custom ID Waterproof Leather Collar


Custom No Pull Reflective Harness - Fast US Shipping


Cute Cartoon Bell Collar


Diamante Flower Bell Collar


Durable Quick Release Harness


Easy Breezy Breathable Harness


Ergonomic Retractable Lead


Fashion Cowboy Collar Range


Fun Patterns Collar & Leash Set (5 COLORS!)


Fun Patterns Custom Nameplate Collar


Glamlife ID Tag Range (Custom Engraving)


Glamorous Glitter Stretch Collar


Glittering Rhinestone Collar (BLING BLING)


Hands Free Retractable Dog Lead System


LED Pendant Waterproof Pet Safety Collar


LED Pet Safety Collar - Chargeable!


Lovely Colors Luxury Dog Collar


No More Pulling Head Harness


Nylon Rope Slip Lead


Padded Chest Harness


Personalized Metal Tag


Photo Insert Retractable Lead (9.84 Feet)


Rainbow Dog Harness


Rainbow Durable Rope Lead


Reflective Dog Safety Walking Set


Reflective Retractable Lead


Ruffles & Bells Bright Collar


Soft & Stylish Dog Leash Range 4ft


Strong Adjustable Pet Seatbelt


Strong And Beautiful Luxury Rope Leash


Sweet Floral ID Nameplate Collar


Sweet Pink Doggy Harness


Ultra Strong Reflective Lead


Ultra Strong Reflective No Pull Harness


Velvet Soft Puppy & Kitten ID Collars (12PCS)