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Give your four-legged buddy a nice and fresh bath so that he can stay free of germs and diseases. We provide pet parents with an extensive range of dog grooming products that will make grooming easier and time-saving. You can get the nail clipper, knot cutter, foot washer, chew toy toothbrush for your dog, and pet grooming gloves for yourself.

Farm City Pets is the best pet accessories store that has everything that you require for your pet’s grooming time. With the help of grooming accessories, you can ensure that your dog is properly cleaned up without any problem.

Pet Fur Knot Cutter


Comfortable Pet Animal Grooming Glove


Easy Pet Nail Clippers


Bright Smile Brushing Chew Toy


Flea & Fur Pet Grooming Comb


Pristine Paws & Floors Foot Washer


VIP Triple Action Dog Shower Head


The Pet Grooming Furminator


Quality Wireless Pet Clippers