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Don’t you like to buy new and popular accessories for yourself? Then why not do the same for your pet? When shopping for dogs and cat accessories at Farm City Pets, you can go through our New Arrivals category where every listed item is trending and latest in the market like round fluffy dog beds, interactive cat toys, etc.

When you explore the page, you will find products such as pet harnesses, grooming bags, dog treats, pajamas, and more. There are so many new products in dog supplies and accessories that your four-legged friend will surely love. Other than that, there are a lot more things for you to check out. Also, don’t forget to check for the items available on the sale!

Clean and Treat Dog Ball


Clip On Adventure Bag Dispenser


LED Pet Safety Collar - Chargeable!


Summertime Pet Cooling Mat


Comfort Calming Round Bed


Glamorous Glitter Stretch Collar


Warm Fleece Coat for Dogs


Portable Pet Mesh Backpack


Photo Insert Retractable Lead (9.84 Feet)


Foldable Soft Pet Crate


Cute Soft Pet House - Indoor/Outdoor


Colourful Retractable Lead - 5M


Blingy Bow Harness


Cute Cat's Ears Nest Bed - Fast Shipping


Pink Princess Bassinet Bed - Fast US Shipping!


Folding Rainbow Silicone Bowl


Winter Booties for Pets (1 SET) - Fast US Shipping!


USB Rechargeable Flopping Fish Toy for Cats - Fast Shipping!


Custom No Pull Reflective Harness - Fast US Shipping


Activated Carbon Filtered Travel Drink Bottle - FAST US Shipping


USB Rechargeable Nail Clipper & Grinder Kit - Limited USA Stock!


Feather Fascinator Cat Toy - US Shipping


Gray - Ultimate Cat Tree Range - US stock! (LIMITED TIME)


Flattop - Ultimate Cat Tree - US stock! (LIMITED TIME)


Cream - Ultimate Cat Tree - US stock! (LIMITED TIME)


Gorgeous Pet Flower Crown 🌸 Fits Small - X Large Doggos


Glittering Rhinestone Collar (BLING BLING)


Tropical Trend Fashion Bandana


Tropical Flavor Fashion Bandana


Sweet Kitty Play Lounger


Chunky Knitted Cave Bed - US Shipping


Ultra Luxe Nest Bed


Pretty Cat Pastel Bell Collar


Extra Breathable Mesh Carrier + Wool Insert!


Funny Friends Throw and Cuddle Toys


Massaging Grooming Glove


Soft Fleece Hoodie Range


Cartoon Face Dog Bed


Wickedbone Smart Automatic Bone Toy - Exclusive US offer!


Educational Slow Feeder Bowl


Fur Eliminator - Pet Hair Remover - MADE IN USA


Pawz on the Road Travel Blanket


Cosy Cat Cave - FAST US Shipping!


Happy Cat Extra Thick Round Bed


Sisal Cat Scratch Pole - Tall 35.1"


The Cool Cat Sling Tote


Viewmax Portable Cat Carrier