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Apart from dogs and cats accessories, Farm City Pets has various pet supplies and accessories lined up for other animals as well. You can find accessories for hamsters, birds, turtles, guinea pigs, and ferrets. You can buy small animal bathtubs, colorful ladders, flying saucer hamster wheel, and more.

In case you are worried about your budget, then you can check for our sales in which you can enjoy different discounts on different products. You can also reach out to us if you want some value pet supplies and accessories for a pet that we don’t provide yet.

Portable Small Animal Playpen + Bonus Diaper Pads


Stylish Portable Small Pets Bag


Cute Hamster Egg House - 1 pc


Small Animal Castles - 1 pc


Natural Wood Colorful Hanging Arch for Birds


Colorful Ladder for Small Animals


Durable Small Animal Bathtub


Teeth Grinder Apple Tree Chew Sticks - All Natural


Small Animal Round Comfort Cuddle Bed - ARCTIC VELVET


Bird & Small Animal Hanging Tent & Hutch Range - So Many Choices!


Small Pet Harness & Leash Set


Tank Turtles Times Two! Aquarium Decoration 2PCS


UVA+UVB 3.0 Lamp Kit with Clip-on Ceramic Light Holder


Flock of Toys - 10/20 Piece Bird Toy Set


Colorful Fun Play Swing


Flying Saucer Hamster Wheel